Instander Instagram Apk Mod + Clone

Instagram (from Meta) allows you to create and share your photos, stories, reels and videos with the friends and followers you care about. Connect with friends, share what you're up to, or see what's new from others all over the world. Explore our community where you can feel free to be yourself and share everything from your daily moments to life's highlights.
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Instander Instagram Apk Mod + Clone

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, as well as one of my favorite online entertainment sources. I get first-hand posts from my favorite celebs and influencers, who offer me entertaining stuff that I really need. I also get to share my life experiences with my friends and followers, as well as learn about theirs through their stories.

However, it, like many other social sites, lacks a few small user-experience aspects, which is why developers tend to create their own adequate versions of these applications, with the Instander APK appearing to be the greatest Instagram app replacement

What is Instander?

Do you know that without a downloader, you can’t download media files like movies or photographs from Instagram? Or how you can’t be mysterious by ghosting your presence on other people’s tales and posts? Or how you can’t receive a verification badge without going through a lengthy and exhausting process, as well as a voyage through your Network life? These and other issues are only a handful of the challenges that users of the original Instagram application face.

Instander APK is an Instagram mod for Android smartphones that gives users access to additional capabilities that can assist them to tackle the concerns mentioned above. As an alternative to the standard Instagram app, this app allows you to access your Instagram account through its platform. In exchange, you will get access to the ultimate social experience via the official app’s fantastic features.

Because it comes pre-installed with effective and professional anti-ban qualities, the developer these (Dmitry Gavrilov) created this to be as safe as possible and an application that promises users an outstanding browsing experience without the fear of being banned for using mods.

What’s the distinction between Clone and UnClone?

These two apps were created by the same developer and have similar features. Only their package names differ, allowing us to install two Instagram apps on one Android smartphone.

Clone comes with the package name and can be deployed as a standalone program.

Unclone comes with the com.insta package name, and to acquire a successful result, you must first remove the original Instagram.

Instander Features

Instander is an Instamod that can execute all of the operations of Instagram and offers similar features. It was primarily created to provide a slew of other added features that users had been clamoring for but couldn’t get with the original app, including the following:

Download pictures and videos:

I’m a big lover of funny vines, and Instagram is one of my favorite places to find them online. All of my demands for memes and vines are generally satisfied here, but whenever I try to download these amusing photos and videos onto my device, the feeling is always fleeting. Using third-party downloaders has its advantages, but it may be frustrating when they begin to show up in adverts every second and expand in size on your smartphone.

Using the Instander APK offline not only allows you to download photographs and videos and save them to your device, but it also allows you to deactivate the original app and use it as your main platform for accessing your Instagram account, saving space. Browse the network and, if you find something you like, you can always download it to your smartphone by hitting the download icon beneath the desired content.

● List of Close Friends:

I occasionally like to share my posts or stories with everyone save a select few, presumably because the content may include an inside joke that only they can decode and enjoy. That’s my explanation, and I’m sure some of you have many more. With the Instander APK, you may establish your own group of close friends from your follower list and share your tale with them exclusively.


You can make changes to this friends list at any time by adding or removing persons, and they will not be alerted in either case. The photographs and movies that you share with your friends in this list usually have a unique label that sets them apart from other shared assets. Finally, anyone you share with will be able to see that you’re sharing with close friends, but they won’t be able to see the list because only you have access to it.

Instander Hide Stories from List:

I sometimes hide my stories from folks I don’t think can handle my uploaded content responsibly for privacy and to prevent unwanted snoopers. The Instander app allows you to hide all photographs and videos, including live videos, that you want to share on your stories from select people. You can now upload whatever content you like, as long as it complies with the app’s rules and restrictions. You can now enjoy generating your postings and letting the selected few enjoy watching them.

Allow Replies to Messages:

We’ve all encountered those people who are always ‘bashing’ and can’t wait to comment to your every post just so they can air their unpleasant opinion. At the very least, I’m aware that I have this and perhaps a few other issues. Because such a person’s negative vibes always appear at the top of the screen on the standard Instagram platform, there is no way to avoid them. If you use the Instander app instead, you may select whether to allow message replies to everyone, people you know, or disable them entirely.

Archive this story:

If you don’t have enough space on your device to download and save a few more images and videos, you may use this feature to save photos and videos to your archive so you don’t have to see them on your phone. You also get to create some privacy because only you can access your account with a password, so attackers won’t be able to see the images on your device.

Save live to archive:

Your live videos can be saved for 30 days in your archives, but only you will be able to see them.


My followers are free to use my IGTV videos and feed articles in their stories. However, this does not apply to all of my posts, which is why I enjoy the excellent feature of Instander APK. If you turn this off, other people won’t be able to add your feed posts to their stories. This also applies to sending images and videos from your story as messages because you may switch this feature on and off as you like.

Finally, you can choose to have photos and videos from your Instagram story immediately sent to your Facebook story, where they will be shared with your Facebook friends.

There are no advertisements on Instander:

You could see some sponsored ads when reading through your Instagram feed that you can’t seem to get rid of. These can be video or image advertisements that, like conventional videos, eat data when they are played and watched. When you download the Instander app for Android, you get an ad-free platform that lets you focus on the most important things in your feed. In the privacy section, you can turn off ads.

Wide Search Content:

The fun continues with IGTV, which allows you to search the platform for popular and trending videos. You can follow your favorite celebrity and see their exciting videos on the app. Apart from IGTV videos, the search section contains a diverse range of content, such as DIY videos, Travel content, Food photographs and videos, Art, Styles, TV & Movies, and more. Everyone can learn and discover something new.

Crash Reports and Analytics:

Users can disable analytics once more in the privacy settings, preventing in-app behavior data from being reviewed. You can enable this if you wish to give a more tailored user experience by allowing the app to evaluate your behavior. Finally, you can select to send crash reports anytime the app crashes so that the developers can improve the service or cure a specific fault that is creating a large number of reports.

Ghost Mode:

If you want to be a little mysterious to your followers or the people you’re following, you can change a few settings in the “Ghost Mode” feature. You can turn off typing status here to prevent others from seeing what you’re typing. When sending potentially harmful SMS, this is really beneficial.


Second, the Instander app is for you if you prefer being a bit mysterious on other people’s tales by masking your presence as an observer. You have the option of hiding your viewer activity from other people’s tales, so they won’t know you watched something unless it was specifically intended for you.


Finally, you can be the type who doesn’t respond to messages right away because they don’t want to insult people by leaving them on hold. You can read someone’s message in your DM and then close the app without them knowing thanks to the ‘Don’t mark directly as read’ feature.

Quality Enhancements:

This Instander tool allows you to enhance the quality of a variety of Instagram files, including:


IGTV quality.

Photo Quality.

Quality reels

Stories’ Quality.

Because Instagram compresses photographs based on screen width, the image quality suffers. This restriction is frequently bypassed by setting the ‘Photos in max quality’ option, allowing you to see photographs in a high-quality format or in their original quality. Upload higher-quality graphics to your stories and photographs than in the original Instagram app.

Smart Gestures:

They may not appear to be as vital as they appear, but gestures are a crucial compound that can separate distinct platforms from one another. You can move between pages by swiping left or right, long-tapping to zoom in on a photo, and double-tapping to like a photo in the Instander app. If necessary, these can even be turned off.


There are numerous additional tiny qualities that are significant since it is the small details that count. Many users value features like full-screen stories, which allow you to read Instagram stories in full-screen mode. Other features include an in-app browser for directly following links, auto-playing videos that may be turned off to save data, suggesting friends, concealing liked posts, and trimming tales. All of the aforementioned parameters can be activated or disabled based on the needs of the user.

Donate to get verified:

I’m not referring to the official Instagram verification badge. If you download and love the software, you can show your thanks and support for the cause by donating to the developer, and you will be verified as an Instander supporter. Only other Instander users would be able to see your badge. It’s very simple; all you have to do is pay to the developer in any method that is convenient for you, leave a remark using your username, and email a snapshot of the transaction as well as your username to the address provided. After that, you’d have to wait for the badge.

Discover People:

Your love could be waiting for you to DM them in your contact list. You can learn more about people by following the people on your contacts list who have an active Instagram account and reading their stories.

How to Install Instander?

1 First of all download the Apk file from above.

Click on the Apk file.

2 A new popup will open, click on the install button.

3 Wait a few seconds a new page will open click on Done now the Instander app is installed.


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