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Sonics VPN is a secure, fast and free VPN proxy for Android.
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Jan 19, 2023
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Sonics VPN – Fast VPN Proxy +Giveaway Link for 6 monthes

Sonics VPN is a secure, fast and free VPN proxy for Android.
Bypass geo restrictions and freely access websites and application services in 40+ countries and regions around the world from anywhere with the help of our VPN service.
More than 5,000 high-speed VPN servers are provided for video streaming/social/gaming/P2P downloading purposes, allowing you to enjoy a ultra fast and stable web surfing experience.

What you can benefit from Sonics VPN:

Encrypted and protected connections
Encrypt network traffic, protect internet connection, prevent personal data leakage caused by malicious interception

Speed up internet connection
Dedicated servers for videos, games, social platforms and torrents downloading to ensure blazing-fast and improved connections

Keep online privacy safe
Hide your online identity and prevent your online privacy data from being collected by websites and advertisers

Avoid annoying pop-up ads
Filter out spam messages and ads, enjoy a clean web surfing experience and additionally improve page loading speed

Stay safe on public wifi
You can use public wifi networks safely, connecting to Sonics VPN no matter in cafe or hotel, without worrying about important data breaches

Unblock school wifi
VPN is the most effective way to break through the school wifi network and have non-restricted access to the internet resources. One-click connection to Sonics VPN, easily unblock the restrictions of school network administrators

Change IP address
Sonics VPN helps switch and hide your real IP address. 10000+ IP addresses from 40+ locations worldwide for you to choose

Being anonymous online
Connecting to VPN and surfing anonymously, neither your internet service provider nor hackers can know your activities on the internet

Unlock global entertainment
Bypass geo-restrictions and stream global entertainment content with Sonics VPN, enjoy the unblocked access to your favorite websites, movies, TV shows, music, games, and etc.

Bypass censorship
Whether you’re traveling or living in a censored country, Sonics VPN helps bypass the censorship and allow your freely access the internet from any country in the world

VPN Master – fast proxy VPN VIP Apk Premium

Why choose Sonics VPN:
✓ 5000+ ultra fast VPN servers, 40+ virtual locations, 10000+ IP addresses
✓ Multiple advanced VPN protocols to ensure fast and stable network connections
✓ No-log policy, we promise to never monitor/track/record any usage data of users, and never submit your login and access information at the request of any agency or organization
✓ Unlimited traffic and bandwidth, fast connection to the internet
✓ Block ads on websites or in apps
✓ Filter out email spam
✓ Split tunneling, allowing to freely choose the applications or websites that should to be routed through the VPN
✓ One subscription lets you connect unlimited devices
✓ 7 days free trial for new users
✓ Simple to use, one-tap connection
✓ 7/24 online customer service

Tips for using Sonics VPN:
1. In order to guarantee a faster network speed, for example, when you’re playing a game on an overseas server, it is recommended to connect to a server that is closer to your game server in Sonics VPN to reduce game ping.
2. If you want to use local services that require authentication, such as banking apps, social platforms, etc., without affecting the normal access to them, and at the same time maintaining the privacy of other website access, we strongly recommend to enable Split Tunneling function in Sonics VPN.
3. After connecting to the VPN server, Sonic VPN will keep running in the background, encrypting and protecting the traffic data on your mobile phone, even if you closed the application window. So, if you want to turn off the VPN, please click the app icon to reopen the window, and then click the button in the middle of the screen to finally close the VPN connection.

Contact us: support@sonicsvpncom
Official website: www.sonicsvpncom

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