MotionCam Pro: RAW Video

MotionCam is a unique app that allows your android* device to capture RAW Frames!
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Nov 10, 2022
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MotionCam Pro RAW Video

MotionCam is a unique app that allows your android* device to capture RAW Frames!

*Please note that MotionCam requires a device with good support for RAW capture. This is device dependent and due to the nature of Android your device may not work with MotionCam.


📌Important: Please check Free Version first for compatibility before purchasing!
📌Exynos phones are not compatible for video recording
with MotionCam / MotionCam Pro.
📌Any smartphone that cannot capture in RAW through the Camera API

🥩 What is a RAW Frame?
It is a file that has uncompressed and unprocessed image data.

What MotionCam does?
It guides your phone to capture raw frames at a specific time interval (24,25,30 or more).

Having access to Raw Data, it bypasses the phone stock image processing engine that dictates excessive noise reduction and over-sharpening! As well many other small artefacts due to low encoder priority.

When we press “🔴” captured raw frames are temporarily stored in phone’s memory while waiting to be written in our special container called mcraw.

We call it special because it stores lossless compressed raw data!

For example: 30 frames at 4000×3000 resolution stored in mcraw container uses 234 MB, while same frames stored as Uncompressed DNGs (Stock Camera) needs 686 MB!

What to do next?
Once we have the mcraw container, we have few options how to proceed:

1.Render from phone: mcraw > sRGB/LOG with H264/HEVC 8bit or ProRes/Cineform/VP9 10bit

2.Render from phone: mcraw > DNGs and use them after with external software

3.Render mcraw to DNGs or ProRes/Cineform files from🖥 PC/Mac OS using 🔗MotionCam Tools available for download from

4.mcraw files can also be loaded in Adobe Premiere/AE/ME without conversion to other formats using our new released plugin available in “🔗MotionCam Tools”



Capturing raw data requires a lot of space, even if it is lossless compressed!
Example: For 1 minute of full sensor captured footage it is necessary around 7-10GB worth of data!

To help with that… MotionCam allows using external USB SSD drives (USB 3.0) to capture the raw frames instead of internal storage!

I lied. There are Two 🙂
You need to grade the footage yourself 🙂

For more you can find us here:
📢MotionCam Community:

🔔 New Features:
✅ Timelapse Raw Capture

🔔 New Beta Features:
✅ Capture Gyro Data (to be used for post stabilisation with GyroFlow app)
✅ Heatmap (displays were the frame drops are located within mcraw container)

🏅MotionCam PRO Main Features:
✅ Raw Video Capture
✅ Available Frame Rates: | 1 | 2 | 5 | 10 | 24 | 25 | 30 | 48 | 50 | 60 | 120 | 240 | 480
Please note: Most phones can only capture up to 30 frames, in some cases few phones are able to capture more (e.g.: Oppo Find x2, 1+ 8 Pro, Xiaomi Mi10u, Xiaomi Mi11u, we are still searching…)

✅ Raw Photo/Burst/Night Mode Capture (with optional JPEG processing and noise reduction)
✅ Manual exposure / touch to expose / exposure lock
✅ Manual focus / touch to focus / focus lock
✅ Accurate real time histogram generated from RAW data
✅ Focus peaking to help with manual focusing
✅ Highlights and shadows sensor clipping overlay

✅ Raw Video Player. (You can preview mcraw container without conversion)
✅ Raw Vignette Correction
✅ Post Processing & Export Raw videos in sRGB/LOG (Prores / Cineform 10bit | H264/H265 8bit 4:2:0 | VP9 up to 12 bit 4:4:4)
✅ Pixel Binning
✅ Export DNG & DNG proxy
And more to come!

Thank you
MotionCam Team

What's new

- Access to all lenses on some devices
- HDR rendering
- Performance improvements
- UI improvements



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