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Help protect your phone and devices from viruses, malware and other cybersecurity threats with Malwarebytes. Our phone security app acts as a personal spam filter and spam blocker that helps protect your smartphone or tablet from hackers and malware. It’s powerful personal security, at your fingertips.
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Dec 7, 2022
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Malwarebytes Mobile Security Premium Unlocked Apk

Help protect your phone and devices from viruses, malware and other cybersecurity threats with Malwarebytes. Our phone security app acts as a personal spam filter and spam blocker that helps protect your smartphone or tablet from hackers and malware. It’s powerful personal security, at your fingertips.

Protect your personal info with the help of our robust phone security features. The Malwarebytes free antivirus app offers top malware removal and virus protection. Aggressively combat ransomware, PUPs, android hacks and more with a cybersecurity app that prioritizes your phone privacy.

Unlike other antivirus apps, we give you:
• Award-winning free antivirus technology that removes traces of malware that other antivirus programs miss
• Easy-to-use phone security app with a simple 1-click interface
• Enjoy ad free identity privacy and protection through a simple and secure app
• Proven mobile antivirus protection with 4 million threats detected or blocked daily
• A free antivirus app trusted by over 300,000 users every day

Your mobile safety matters and Malwarebytes has your back. Help protect your device today with Malwarebytes for free virus protection and a safe browsing experience.


🔰Phone Security Service
– Anti phishing protection
– Mobile antivirus protector & phone cleaner
– Ransomware protection
– Spyware detection
– Spam blocker

🔰Malware Removal & Remediation
– Malware Scan provides adware, bloatware, and ransomware detection
– Perform a threat scan to check your device for malware
– Help protect your phone or tablet with award-winning free antivirus protection and remediation
– Malware Removal: Our free antivirus cleaner eliminates traces of malware and prevents them from returning

🔰Online Security Audit
– Get an overview of your tablet & phone security free of charge
– Get personal security recommendations with your audit results
– Learn how to protect your personal info with free personal security reports

🔰Privacy Check
– Privacy App: Phone privacy protection features you can trust
– Privacy Protector: Check what information is shared across your devices with advanced identity privacy and protection
– Privacy Check: See what each app has access to like location, fees and call monitoring

Get 30 days of free top-notch mobile security with a Malwarebytes Premium trial. Try our award-winning mobile security and antivirus app today.


🔰 Mobile Security Scanner
– Quick scan: Perform a brief threat scan for fast insight into your mobile security
– Deep scan: Help protect your phone with a detailed look and an in-depth online security audit
– Scheduled Malware Scanner: Perform a scheduled threat scan at any time
– Power Saving Scan: Perform a malware scan during charge only, or skip if battery is low or in power saving mode

🔰 Real-time Protection
– 24×7 device & phone protection: Tablet and phone protection features stop cybersecurity threats

🔰 Anti-ransomware Protection
– Get Malware removal and antivirus protection for online security threats
– Help protect your phone against ransomware

🔰 PUP/PUM Protection
– A malware scan can detect Potentially Unwanted Programs and Potentially Unwanted Modifications

🔰 Internet Security/Safe Browsing
– Scan URLs for anti phishing protection and mobile security.
– Get reliable phone privacy protection on your devices
– Protect your personal info with the Malwarebytes Chrome extension.

*Note: The Internet Security/Safe Browsing feature requires permission to use Accessibility Service. This permission allows the app to read your screen behavior and control your screen. Malwarebytes only uses this to determine if sites you visit are malicious.

Welcome to a personal security service whose priority is your online peace of mind. Download the Malwarebytes antivirus app today to protect your phone at all times.

Devices we work on:
Devices running Android version 7 or higher with an active Internet connection.

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus Premium Unlocked Apk

Malwarebytes Security is an application that helps you protect your device when using apps or websites easily. You can easily find scanning and protection settings to increase protection and the proper case for the application to operate. Also, you won’t need to worry about distractions while using the app, and the app offers versions suitable for all types of devices.


Users often face many difficulties when using an open operating system like Android, and sometimes, they do not recognize the dangers in the files they download, so Malwarebytes Security is a reasonable choice. You will be able to spot the factors affecting your device quickly, and depending on the version you are using is free or premium, users will receive other protection features.


There will be two versions that you can easily find when using Malwarebytes Security: free and premium. Depending on the version, its level of protection will vary, which you will need to consider when using. For the free version, the feature looks for malware or other factors affecting your device, but it will not eliminate them because it only stops at the notification feature. You will need to get the premium version to set the maximum level of protection.


Once you have a suitable version, you will start accessing the application and looking for the settings section to install the corresponding features. There will be three main features that you can easily see: scanning, protection, and others. For protection, you will choose protection methods such as real-time, anti-ransomware, or safe browsing. At the same time, the scanning feature will bring you the cases that require the scanning application, and there are many cases for you to choose from.


The scanning and protection features aim to protect you from unsafe elements that you have downloaded or adjusted the access rights of specific applications. You can see what you’ve shared with these apps, and from there, you’ll have several options for revoking these permissions. In addition, malicious software stored on your device will be recognized and deleted immediately, freeing up space on your device from unnecessary elements.


Besides the factors that often appear on your computer, another source of danger that we need to pay attention to is websites; you do not need to worry because Malwarebytes Security will solve this. The result of completing the installation and owning all the features is that you can freely surf the websites you want. Of course, in the process of surfing, you will know which links are problematic and then consider going to another site.


Once you install Malwarebytes Security, you won’t need to worry about being disturbed by ads. In other words, this app will be an app that is focused solely on helping you secure your device and have a safe time doing what you love. The app supports devices like Android and Chromebook. So you can quickly get the correct version for your device. Indeed the application will be an excellent tool for you.

What's new

• Android 13 support
• Informational popup for Accessibility Service permission

Stability/issues fixed
• Bugfix: App crash on Android 12, if the user disabled Google Play services
• Bugfix: False positive detection of some legitimate apps as Potential Ransomware
• Technical improvements



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