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Nov 14, 2022
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Junkyard Builder Simulator MOD APK  (Unlimited Money)


Become the owner of the largest Junkyard! Manage a garbage dump and build your junk empire. Clean up, renew, build, trade. Develop the junkyard with new machinery and appliances. It’s all in your hands!


In the beginning there was a deserted junkyard. Abandoned and despised by most people. But not you! Since you’re the owner, the business is booming! See that rusty car over there? Let’s do some makeovers. Several corroded pipes? Let’s turn them into scrap blocks and sell them. There’s junk everywhere I look. You know what that means. That’s how you make the profit! Remember, scrap is money!
Don’t forget to invest. Develop a junkyard, buy new tools, recycle trash. Don’t waste the time, get your money’s worth!


Clean up and segregate – the easiest way to earn some money. Explore the junkyard, collect rubbish, segregate, recycle and sell. Paper to blue, metal to red and plastic to yellow and trash bags to or mixed waste. Piece of cake!

Assemble—in the junkyard you can find lost parts and put them together to create a much more worthy object.
Renew—old car? Old-fashioned furniture? Grab some paints and a grinder and let’s make them amazing again!
Invest to grow your empire—with new machines you will be able to work faster and easier.
Try your luck—what can be hidden in those big containers? Pay the price to find out.
Try all the machines in the junkyard!

Develop your character—buy upgrades that make your work in the junkyard easier. You decide which path you take.

Complete all stages of garbage and trash utilization and clear the junkyard.

Learn to recycle metal, paper and plastic rubbish.

Explore the process of waste processing with our simulator.
It is a real Junkyard Simulator—as you play the game, you start gaining experience, and your business grows rapidly.

Junkyard Builder Mod Game

– Process and sell junk using machines.
– Open containers with various contents.
– Search for scrap metal.
– Restore your junkyard finds—renew furniture, cars, home appliances.
– Explore the world of a junkyard.
– Trade on the market. Buy the parts you need and sell worthless scrap.
– Become a car mechanic. Sell rebuilt vehicles and become the ultimate mechanic!

A little life hack from the developer: log into Junkyard Builder multiple times a day to speed up your junk to cash journey. This way you will be successful much faster. Download the Junkyard Simulator, become the owner of the Junkyard and go on an eco adventure!

Starting a business with Junkyard Scratch is the ideology of this Junkyard Builder Simulator game. You are the owner of the largest junkyard. Collect and recycle junk to expand your junkyard empire. Destroyed items and other junk must be picked up from the yard and recycled, refurbished or retailed. Earn money from trash and build a huge trash empire. Nothing is wasted unless redesigned, changed and recycled makes everything worthwhile. If you find scrap, make sure to clean it, paint it, and put it back together for future use. You can also collect the destroyed parts of the car to make a car, or you can combine them and repair them to create a new car.


To pick up an object, you have to inspect it. An interaction button appears in the bottom right corner of the mobile screen. You can rotate the held object using the analog on the right side of the screen, and drop or throw the currently held object using the ‘Drop’ and ‘Throw’ interaction buttons on the bottom right. You can claim tasks by clicking the menu button on the top right, then claim money by clicking on missions. The task description is also displayed there.


You need to find a container, enter the orange hidden treasure area and sell junk. Each garbage object type has its own collection bin. The blue bin is used to collect waste paper, so collect the waste paper and throw it into this bin. You can also purchase mixed waste bins that can be used to dispose of mixed waste. There are trash bags in the yard to throw away, try your luck, or search for your valuables. You can collect and sell cardboard to earn money and use it in your wagon. In addition, small luggage can be carried on a cart. You can fill carts with plastic and sell them for cash. Also, please use plastic bins to collect plastic waste. To make money automatically and hire new employees, you can use PayPhone.

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