Hunter’s guide “Bandolier”
Interactive hunter's guide "Bandolier"
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Ilya Volotkovskiy
Nov 29, 2022
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Hunters guide Bandolier Apk

Interactive hunter’s guide “Bandolier”

The program is designed for amateurs and professional hunters. Fans of sports shooting will also find useful information in it.

Features of the program:
✔ Reference information on the types of shot and buckshot (weight and diameter of pellets, markings), types of markings of the shot (buckshot) and their correspondence with each other;
✔ Information on bullets for smoothbore weapons;
✔ Guide to choosing the type of charge for hunting the intended type of game (recommendations), general information and appearance of the game;
✔ Hunter’s calendar, permitted hunting periods by game type;
✔ Reference information on all types of muzzle constrictions (international markings, size of constrictions, approximate accuracy);
✔ Calculator for calculating shot and powder charges, taking into account the weight of the gun and the specific dosage of gunpowder;
✔ Recalculation of muzzle pressure for different calibers and types of rifles (for professionals),
✔ Calculator for the cost of shot cartridges, bullet cartridges (for smooth-bore guns);
✔ Emulator of projectile accuracy depending on distance and muzzle restriction;
✔ Calculator for choosing a shell for hunting the intended type of game;
✔ Visual representation of the lead when fired;
✔ Handbook of hunting cartridges for smoothbore guns;
✔ Handbook of hunting cartridges for carbines and rifled guns;
✔ Calculation of the optimal cartridge and bullet for hunting with rifled weapons for a certain type of game by weight and distance;
✔ Calculator for calculating the distance on the reticle (for 1 and 2 focal planes);
✔ Calculator for calculating the optimal cutting of the trunk;
✔ Information on the coordination of the diameter of the judgment and the diameter of the unit of charge, visual representation of the stacking of the coordinated charge depending on the diameter of the barrel (3 options);
✔ Formulas, indicator of the balance of the gun, the ratio of the weight of the gun, the recommended weight of the gun;
✔ The legal framework required for the study of the hunter;
✔ Information for young (beginner) hunters;
✔ Marking guide and basic data on primers igniters;
✔ Directory of names and general information on various types of propellants;
✔ Abbreviations and brief information to rifle bullets;
✔ Extension for the decoy application for the hunter, as separate (independent) applications.
✔ Extension for the application tests for training, in the form of separate (independent) applications.

In developing:
✔ General background information on rifle calibers in different countries;
✔ Directory of labeling and basic characteristics of wad-containers;
✔ Slaughterhouses of large animals;
✔ Guide to the types and purposes of traps;
✔ A quick guide to basic hunting rifles.

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If you want to help in the development of the project and take part in its improvement, please write letters to my personal e-mail (see the description of the program) with suggestions and comments.
Suggestions with links to articles, programs, Internet resources will be especially useful.
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Break a leg!

What's new

✓ Fixed bugs in the calendar, added new features,
✓ Updated legislation.


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