Background Eraser- Photo Erase

This App used for cutting Pictures and making photo backgrounds transparent automatically.
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Nov 8, 2022
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Background Eraser- Photo Erase Premium Apk

This App used for cutting Pictures and making photo backgrounds transparent automatically.

Download Background Eraser application to remove unwanted objects of photo automatically. Transparent image can be used as Stamps.

Automatic Background eraser is an amazing app comprising of many photo backgrounds to make your images like real creative. Cutting backgrounds manually is really difficult so get this App for easy transformation of ordinary photos to creatives.

Background Remover & eraser provides high quality pictures with amazing editing tools including 3D wallpapers, Web search, Amazing filters & Adjustments.

☆☆☆ Exclusive Features:

☆ Make pictures background transparent;
☆ Make stamps of photo;
☆ Automatic cutting so easy;
☆ PNG sticker maker;
☆ Erase backgrounds in 1 click;
☆Automatic background cutter: Get PNG and transparent stickers;
☆ You can do any editing in pictures by auto focus on you;
☆Crop pictures to any size;
☆ Resize images for any Social platform;
☆ Apply beautiful effects and filters to polish your pictures;
☆ Creative Overlays available to give lightning effects;
☆ Adjust brightness, contrast, warmth and saturation etc;
☆ Massive fun stickers;
☆ Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Light, Saturation, Temperature, Tint;
☆ Crop, rotate, vertical and horizon;
☆ Adjust colorfulness, Sharpen, Grain, Denoise, Blacks, Whites, Ambience, Haze, Vignette etc;
☆ Fit and border your photos for social platform;
☆ Creative Stickers;
☆ Create your own text with different fonts, style, quotes etc;


A simplest and easiest way to blend two pictures together with advance photo editing and enhancement options.


Apply funny and beautiful stickers. Variety of sticker category available.


Now you can fit your photos and resize for any social media platform.

With over 100+ picture borders to frame images.

Over 10+ unique fonts to add the perfect message on your images. Choose any font, color, alignment, and border to put the perfect text on photo.

Background eraser provides many features in free version as well.


⭐ Unlock all new Background Creatives.
⭐ AD FREE Experience.
⭐ Unlock all Editing filters and stickers.
⭐ Access to all new features.
⭐Automatic background erasing feature.

Background Eraser- Photo Erase Pro App

Background Eraser – Remove BG allows you to become a professional photo editor and express unlimited creativity in your photos. Here, in addition to the ability to remove background images, other features like cropping and cropping free-size images are equally prioritized. Added to this are special stickers and colorful fonts that make your images more attractive than ever.

Easily cut the background from the main image

Background Eraser – Remove BG, you can’t easily cut the background. Specifically, it uses the highest quality images handpicked from our personal collection to convert your background to a plain he PNG in seconds. Using them, you can incorporate them into any wallpaper or image related work that you want to cater to your entertainment needs and are very useful for promoting your brand. The application also offers automatic cropping of free-size images. You are not restricted to traditional sizes such as squares, rectangles or even circles. We will help you achieve the desired shape. Use your agile and supple hands to conquer the most striking and comforting images.


As for image cropping, we support adding image cropping function precisely according to the parameters set by popular social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram. Thanks to this feature, users can know what part of the image will be cropped at the time of posting and can make the right decision to crop the image by millimeters in advance.

Hundreds of filters waiting to be applied

That’s not all. Background Eraser – Remove BG promises to provide users with an exciting experience that is nothing short of a space adventure. From classic to modern, you can apply and express your own personality to each photo with filters designed by photo editors in different styles. You will also be able to preview your work after the filters have been successfully applied before the official submission.

AMOLED Wallpapers 4K (OLED)

Adjust Saturation, Proper Lighting

In addition, users can adjust some parameters to make the photo feel better. Can be contrast or light. Sometimes saturation and hue don’t matter. Since each photo you take has different and unique parameters, it is absolutely appropriate to adjust each parameter related to color and saturation as follows:


Not only that, Background Eraser – Remove BG offers players a unique border collection. Players can easily choose and apply the framework they deem suitable for their content and tastes. In particular, the application currently has over 100 image borders with different colors and details for the user to choose from.


Font selection and font color

The writing system is also a strength that makes this application something special for you. Emphasize the content you want to stand out with over 10n unique font styles and flair. The color palette revolves around the main typeface, modified to provide interest and harmony between the main shades of the image and the text.


The simple ability to remove the background in one note makes owning a PNG image easy.

Unique font changer with eye-catching colors.

Easily crop images to any size without restrictions. Match the

color filter to any style of super product that users want.

Adjust specific parameters like saturation, light and noise like a professional photo editor.

Download Background eraser – Photo remover app to get all editing options. Go to places where you always to go by our eraser application.

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